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5 Best AirTag Alternatives in 2023 You Won’t Regret.

Although Apple’s AirTag has grown significantly in popularity as a trustworthy item tracker, other choices exist. Apple AirTag was introduced during its April 2021 event. The AirTag is Apple’s version of a device tracker, which you can attach to your keys or a bag. Other manufacturers provide tracking gadgets with equivalent functions under similar names. 

Apple AirTag is priced at Rs. 3490 for one and Rs. 11,900 for a pack of 4 in India. It is suitable for ios devices, but what if Android users need a tracker tag? In that case, you will have to look for alternatives. Before listing the alternatives to AirTag, let us see what to look for in an AirTag alternative.

What to Look for in an Alternative to Apple AirTag

  • Make sure the substitute you select is compatible with your device.
  • Make sure the tracker tags’ form factor fits your requirements by checking it.
  • The tracking ecosystem must be robust to find the tracker if lost.
  • Tracker Tags that are resistant to water and dust will last longer.
  • Check which tracker tag gives the best features at the most reasonable price since the pricing ranges of most of these tags are nearly identical.
  1. Samsung SmartTag

The Samsung SmartTag Plus is a powerful competitor to the AirTag. This Bluetooth tracker has various features, such as accurate item tracking and the ability to use augmented reality (AR). You can use the AR Finder feature to visually find your lost item by using the camera on your smartphone. The SmartTag Plus is an excellent option for Samsung device users because it seamlessly works with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem.


  • Integrated button for smart home functionality
  • Integrated keyring loop
  • Super portable
  • Long battery life
  • Vast tracking network

Important Specs

  • Price: $29.99
  • Water-resistant: IP53
  • Size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 0.3 ounces
  1. The PebblebeeClip

If you’re looking for a tracker that has a great range, the Pebblebee Clip is the one you should go for. One of the standout features of this device is its impressive 500 ft Bluetooth range, which sets it apart from the competition. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable option. It works smoothly with Apple Find My, which means it can use the wide-reaching Find My network to locate items, even if they’re far away. What else is there? It also functions flawlessly with Android devices.


  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • 500 ft. Bluetooth Range
  • Loud melody
  • High-quality engineering

Important specs

  • Price: $29.99
  • Water-resistant: IPX6
  • Size: 4.84 x 4.29 x 0.87 inches
  • Weight: 0.882 ounces
  1. The Tile Bluetooth Tracker – Multiple models

One of the greatest AirTag substitutes is probably Tile. Tile has you covered whether you use an iPhone or an Android device. Thanks to its seamless integration with well-known competent home helpers like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa from Amazon, you can easily find your products.

Tile offers a variety of models, including the differently sized and shaped Tile Mate, Pro, Slim, and Sticker. Each model has distinctive qualities and is customized to meet various requirements. Although the Tile app is free, Tile Premium offers extra capabilities.


  • Broad compatibility with iOS and Android devices
  • Water-resistant 
  • Wide range and loud ring volume
  • Incredibly durable and Sleek design

Important specs

  • Price: $29.99
  • Water-resistant: IP67
  • Size: 3.5 x 0.62 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
  1. JioTag

The newest Jio innovation, JioTag, is a fantastic tracking tool created to give consumers a simple, effective way to find and track their items. JioTag intends to provide Indian consumers with an affordable alternative with characteristics similar to Apple’s AirTag.


  • Bluetooth-enabled lost and found the tracker
  • Disconnection Alerts and Location
  • Jio Community Find
  • Free extra Battery and Lanyard cable inbox

Important specs

  • Price: ₹749
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Size: 3.82 x 3.82 x 0.72 cm
  • Weight: 9.5 grams
  1. Chipolo One

Chipolo One is a fantastic solution for managing your belongings, including bags, keys, and other items. This Bluetooth tracker is compatible with Android and iOS, making it usable with multiple operating systems. It is lightweight and has a stylish design that makes it convenient to carry.


  • Keyring hole
  • Easy to hear
  • Replaceable battery

Important specs

  • Price: $38.20
  • Water-resistant: IPX5 Standard
  • Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm
  • Weight: 7.65 grams

Never wander off!

We frequently need to catch up on our possessions in the fast-paced society we live in today. But now that several AirTag substitutes exist, you can pick the choices that best suit your requirements. Finding objects that have been stolen or misplaced is now easier than ever. These innovative tools have swiftly acquired popularity and established themselves as reliable allies for those looking for the utmost simplicity in tracking their priceless goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there something better than AirTags?

One of the top AirTag alternatives, Tile, has paved the way for Bluetooth trackers. The Tile Pro’s excellent 400-foot range and loud bell to help you find the tracker are impressive features. It’s arguably the most resilient tracker available because it’s made of metal and has an IP67 rating.

  1. Is AirTag worth buying?

Apple AirTags work well for tracking items and pets, but there are better options for tracking anything that moves too fast or could end up in a remote area. Otherwise, you can’t beat AirTag’s price.

  1. Are AirTags worth it in 2023?

Apple’s AirTag trackers are down to their best price of 2023 right now at various retailers. Stock up on these handy item finders for just $20 apiece while you can. An AirTag tracker is a worthwhile investment if you’re the sort of person who regularly misplaces things like keys, bags, wallets or other valuables.

  1. Is there a Google equivalent to AirTags?

People have long wanted an AirTag alternative from Google that “just works” with Android. And now, it looks like Google may have something to share about its location tracker — allegedly called the Nest Locator Tag — at the Google I/O 2023 announcement.

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