How to screen record on iPhone 2023?

While Apple iPhones provide everything a customer may want in a smartphone, a few iPhone functions are frequently concealed. In the past, it was much easier to get stuck just on how to install some third-party applications to do screen recording on an iPhone. But recently, Apple has made it quite easier to do so!

Here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Go to Settings and then to Control Center.
  • Next, you’ll see a (+) sign just beside the Screen Recording.
  • Now, you can swipe down from the top right of your iPhone’s screen to get to the Control Center. (Slide up from the bottom on devices older than the iPhone X.) Screen Recording is symbolized by an icon with a white dot surrounded by a circle.
  • Wait for the three-second countdown to begin by tapping that symbol. The screen recording will start after the three-second countdown, capturing all activity on your iPhone’s display.

How to Turn Off Screen Recording

While recording, you’ll notice a red timestamp at the top left of your screen or a red dot towards the middle, depending on your iPhone model. Whether you tap one of them, the iPhone will ask whether you want to stop recording. When you click “confirm,” you’ll get a pop-up telling you your video has been stored and where to access it.

You may also stop screen recording by simultaneously pushing the Side and Volume down buttons. Your screen recording will be stored in the Photos app after recording. Go to Photos > Albums > Screen Recordings to locate it.

Turning on the Microphone

Go to the Control Center to add audio to your recording. Hold down the Screen Recording symbol in the context menu and press the microphone icon. When you screen record, your iPhone will capture video and audio.

Some Screen Recording Tips You Must Know

Plan your recording: Before you begin recording, think about what you want to capture and how you want to record it. This will keep you on track and save you from re-recording your video later.

Choose the correct recording software: Several screen recording software applications are available, so decide which one is best for you. Some things to consider are the features available, the pricing, and the convenience of usage.

Record in a calm setting: Background noise in a screen recording may be quite distracting, so be sure to capture it in a calm location. The best way is to use headphones to drown out the sounds if you can’t locate a peaceful spot.

Use a microphone: A microphone is required to record your voice in your screen recording. Ensure you’re using a microphone that delivers clean sounds and is near your lips.


Q. 1: How long can I record a screen on my iPhone?

Screen recording may last up to three hours constantly, depending on your device’s storage space and battery life.

Q. 2: How can I edit screen recordings on my iPhone?

Using the Photos app, you can make edits to your screen recordings. Open the screen recording you wish to modify and press the edit button in the upper right corner. The recording may then be trimmed, annotated, or exported in a different format.

Q. 3 Why can’t I record a screen on my iPhone?

The most frequent reason screen recording does not function on iPhone is that you have limitations activated that prohibit it from starting. Open the Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions menu to correct this. Go to Content Restrictions and ensure that screen recording from the Game Center is enabled.